A brief overview of Thomas's experience


Thomas Cole is an international journalist based out of London, United Kingdom.

He has reported on topics ranging from the Oscars to football in South America; elections in Syria, Israel, the United States and Germany; the farmers protests in northern India; political unrest in Myanmar; the G7 and EU-China trade negotiations.

He has conducted interviews with the former European Trade Commissioner, Lord Peter Mandelson; Members of the European and British Parliaments; advisors to the Palestinian President, a former Canadian Prime Minister and the main Belarussian opposition leader; British Ambassadors to the United States and the European Union as well as the former leader of the Green party in the UK.

Thomas has appeared on both UK and international broadcasters (including BBC, CNBC, CNN, Euronews and Sky), as an outside analyst. He has worked as a video journalist editor for Agence France Presse

He has had opinion pieces published in and been quoted and referenced by leading media organisations including Deutsche Welle, The Financial Times, Het Financieele Dagblad, il Foglio, Foreign Policy, France24, The Guardian, Huffington Post, The IndependentThe New Statesman, The Scotsman and die Zeit.

Previously, Thomas worked in international politics: He was a spokesperson for the People's Vote campaign and worked on foreign policy matters for the European Commission. He has lived, worked and studied in the United Kingdom, the European Union, the United States, southern Africa and South America. He is multi-lingual, with English being his mother-tongue and he is fluent in German and conversational in French, Italian and Spanish. 

Thomas graduated with a distinction in an MA in International Journalism from City University, London in 2021. He also has a masters' degree in Global Politics from the London School of Economics and an undergraduate degree in History and Politics from the University of Edinburgh.

Thomas is married to his partner-in-life and supportive wife, Smita.